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Some of the Worst Asphyxiation Deaths in Modern Times

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Asphyxiation can be one of the worst ways to go. It is painful, anxiety-inducing, and not at all quick. To induce strangulation or any form of suffocation on another living being is to relinquish all traces of empathy and basic respect for life. It can be heartbreaking to think of those that have perished in such cases and the suffering they must have endured. How many poor souls have been buried alive? Of those, how many have even been found? The horrors of asphyxiation reverberate throughout the grave. These are cases of cruel and gruesome deaths via asphyxiation - from bizarre druggings and incest to workplace aggression and shocking accidents.

  • Jesse Dirkhising Suffocated From Duct Tape And Underwear

    In 1999, two men beat, bound, assaulted, and ultimately asphyxiated 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising from Arkansas. His death was ruled a sex crime. In court, prosecutors described how he was gagged with duct tape, a bandana, and his own underwear, which eventually caused him to suffocate.

    Joshua Macave Brown, 22, and David Carpenter, 38, admitted to force-feeding the teen a cocktail of drugs prior to the assault. Brown avoided the death penalty but received a 25-year sentence. Carpenter received life without parole

  • Enita Salubi Was Force-Fed Two Bottles Of Milk

    In 2016, Enita Salubi was just 8 months old when her life was taken by her live-in nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola. Oyindasola, 66, was sleeping on the couch in the family's Maryland home when Enita started crying and woke her up. A video surveillance camera shows Oyindasola attempting to feed Enita, growing agitated, and pulling the baby from her walker.

    Oyindasola then removed the nipple from Enita's bottle and forcefully fed the baby two bottles of milk, interfering with her breathing. Enita became unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

  • Beverly Carter Choked Under A Duct Tape Mask

    Beverly Carter was an Arkansas real estate agent who went missing in 2016, and whose remains were later recovered in a shallow grave. A mask of duct tape was used to smother Carter's face, and she reportedly passed in under a minute. The cause of death was asphyxia due to airway obstruction. Carter was also found with her hands bound behind her back and her blouse removed.

    Her assailant, Arron Lewis, faced a number of charges, including capital murder, robbery, and kidnapping. When asked why he chose Carter, Lewis explained that she was "just a woman that worked alone - a rich broker." Still, he maintained his innocence. Lewis was then found guilty and received life without parole.

  • Margaret Irvine Was Gagged By A Duster

    Margaret Irvine was an elderly British pensioner who was murdered in cold blood by Patrick Docherty and Brendan Dixon in the summer of 2003. Irvine, who was 91, was found beaten, bound, and gagged by a duster, with her head wrapped in a pillowcase. Officials considered the elder-abuse crime "an act of sheer evil and depravity" - and "beyond the comprehension of all decent people."

    Docherty and Dixon reportedly planned to rob Irvine. Whether or not the intention was to end her life, things quickly escalated and turned violent. The intruders began punching her in the face and body. When she wouldn't give them her money or account information, they choked her and left her to die, botching the robbery and leaving trace evidence behind. The men were found guilty and received 25-year sentences.