space These ISS Astronauts Make Pizza In Space In What Is Easily The Coolest  

Mick Jacobs

The video below captures a pizza party that is literally out of this world. Aboard the International Space Station, or ISS, a group of astronauts decided to film themselves making a culinary favorite: pizza.

"So what? It's just pizza in space" you might be saying to yourself, wondering the significance behind it. Well, this pizza is getting made in zero gravity.

Because of gravity means nothing in space, the bread dough just flies around as the astronauts make it, who no doubt got very used to this challenge after trying to drink water or pour cereal.

In the end, it looks like the astronauts made quite a feast for themselves. Would you ever eat a space pizza, or better yet, do you think you could make one? After you watch the video below, you may reconsider your ability to make a food as it actively runs away from you.