25 People Who Flawlessly Executed Their Awful Ideas

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Awful taste but great execution happens when excellent craftsmanship meets a tacky design. However, no matter how overdone or tasteless the items on this list may be, there's no denying they were each flawlessly made. Vote up the best execution of awful ideas!


  • 1. Driving In Style

    Driving In Style
    Photo: u/Successful-Milk-1720 / Reddit
  • 2. Step Right In

    Step Right In
    Photo: u/uni-versalis / Reddit
  • 3. The Upside Down House

    The Upside Down House
    Photo: u/Ciberus / Reddit
  • 4. Mailbox From Florida

    Mailbox From Florida
    Photo: u/st0rmbr1ng3r / Reddit
  • 5. Sassy, Leggy Lamp

    Sassy, Leggy Lamp
    Photo: u/katemush / Reddit
  • 6. The Garden Of Urinals

    The Garden Of Urinals
    Photo: u/OlivesGoOnFingers / Reddit