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Rappers You Didn't Know Are Atheist

While religion may be a major part of some rappers' lives and lyrics, there are many rappers who don't believe in Jesus or God. Rappers who are atheist come in many forms. Some famous rappers who don't believe in God rap about religion while other famous rappers who aren't Christian share interesting quotes about atheism in interviews. One famous atheist rapper often advocates for social change.

Who will you find on this rappers who are atheist or agnostic list? Earl Sweatshirt talks about his atheism in his lyrics. Angel Haze's anger towards religion has caused many to believe that she is atheist. Former Jehovah's Witness Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is wary of religion as well.

Are you surprised that atheism is so prominent in hip-hop? Take a look at this list and find out which famous rappers lack religious faith.