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Athletes Who Are (Allegedly) In The Illuminati

Updated June 14, 2019 349.1k views13 items

Politicians and entertainers aren't the only ones with membership in the Illuminati. Who else is in the Illuminati? In the world of sports, these guys are all likely candidates. As major sports and business intersect more and more, it only makes sense that the most wealthy and powerful star athletes would become linked with the Dark Cabal that controls every aspect of our existence.

Not only that, but many athletes from the 20th century have ties to Freemasonry, the shadowy and powerful organization that helped to found America. Despite the secrecy that surrounds these groups, these athletes are publicly, almost brazenly, showcasing their involvement.

Here are 13 athletes from nearly every major sport who all have possible connections to secret societies.
  • Photo: US Coast Guard / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
    The champion golfer is a 33rd degree Freemason, giving him the highest possible status in the shadowy organization. Not only that, he’s successfully transitioned from golf to the business world, as well as lending his name to the tasty lemonade/ice tea drink so many of us enjoy. Could this be the preferred beverage of the Dark Cabal?

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  • Photo: Tech. Sgt. Marc Barners / via Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
    The NFL quarterback legend is a lifetime member of his local Masonic lodge, and like Arnold Palmer, has done quite well with his ventures in the business world, while so many other former football players have lost the money they made while playing. Are Illuminati connections in play here? We’re just asking questions, people.

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  • It’s possible that the Illuminati have tasked Kobe with passing the torch of basketball superstardom to LeBron James. The Lakers star wears 24, which is a number that adds up to 6, and has the nickname “Black Mamba,” with serpents symbolizing the evil of the Illuminati. Could he really be hiding his membership in plain sight, daring us to challenge him?

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  • Photo: Jason H. Smith / Flickr
    The basketball superstar has never directly been accused of Illuminati membership. But there is a large amount of circumstantial evidence, including a number of conspiracy theories surrounding him. Particularly of interest is that he “retired” from basketball in 1994, only to return less than two years later. Was this a punishment from the Illuminati for some perceived transgression? And what's with the Hitler mustache?

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