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The Best Acting Performances by Professional Athletes

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We're used to seeing athletes in commercials, guest spots on TV series, or even playing themselves in movie or two, but most of them go right back to what they are good at: being athletes. But there is another group of athlete-actors who have made acting into a full time career and have turned in memorable performances and even created some beloved characters. This is a list of some of the best of those performances by actors that used to be professional athletes. (Here's a complete list of athlete-turned-actors.)

With so many high octane, wizz-bang-effect-laden movies and series out there, it is no wonder that Hollywood comes a knockin' on the doors of prominent athletes who have the skills and charisma to play starring and supporting roles in some of the biggest properties out there. Many use their athletic prowess or physical appearance to aid them in their roles, while others were selected solely based on their existing fame; regardless, the actors who were athletes on this list have done something worth mentioning and certainly worth watching.