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10 Pro Athletes Who Are Also Accomplished Artists

This list contains information about professional athletes who are also accomplished fine artists, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous NBA stars, tennis players, and track and field athletes are also painters, photographers, and creative artists. One famous sports star has even designed album covers for popular musicians. Though you know these famous people for their achievements in the world of sports, their artistic skills might surprise you!

Who is the most famous athlete who is also an artist? Serena Williams tops our list. She has taken painting lessons, and in 2013, she debuted her Expressions series of paintings. NBA player Tyson Chandler dabbles in photography when he is off the court, as does Usain Bolt, when he isn't on the track winning Olympic medals.

NBA player Jeremy Evans combined his love of painting with his love of basketball by creating a painting of himself dunking and then actually dunking over the painting. NFL player Todd Marinovich started an online gallery of his sports-themed paintings, murals, and sculptures, and many other artistic athletes have presented exhibits of their artwork as well.

Which athletes are also artists? Click through the list below to find out!