30 Famous Athletes Who Are Democrats

This list contains information about athletes who are Democrats, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous boxers, NBA stars, and NFL players support the Democratic party. Some of these athletes are very outspoken about their political affiliation, while others are quieter on the subject. One former NBA star was even elected to the U.S. Senate.

Who is the most famous athlete who is a Democrat? LeBron James tops our list. LeBron James donated $20,000 to a committee to elect Barack Obama back in 2008. He also invited almost 20,000 people to a viewing party of Obama's "American Stories, American Solutions" television advertisement. Mike Tyson is known to be a flip-flopper when it comes to political affiliation, but he did donate to Barack Obama's campaign and refer to Republicans as "sell-outs."

After retiring from basketball, Bill Bradley was elected a three-term Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Muhammad Ali has supported the election of Democratic presidential candidates Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. He has also attended the Democratic National Convention. Warren Sapp is a Democrat, and he has often campaigned for the support of the public school system.

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