24 Famous Athletes Who Are Dyslexic

The dumb jock stereotype might be a struggle for athletic students, but it’s even tougher when all-star athletes have to battle dyslexia. The learning disability affects the ability to read and understand texts, making it tough to get good grades, pass important tests, and even read playbooks. Here are also celebrities with dyslexia and athletes with ADHD.  

Still, these famous boxers, NBA stars, football players, and other world-class athletes have been able to thrive. Although many were labeled dumb in school, they developed coping mechanisms and other outlets that allowed them to shine.

Some of these athletes were diagnosed with the disorder when they were young, while others did not know that they were dyslexics until adulthood. One famous basketball player says that dyslexia cause him to push harder to prove himself.

Who is the most famous dyslexic athlete? Muhammad Ali tops our list. As a teen, Cassius Clay struggled with high school. "Many of my teachers labeled me dumb," he said. "I could barely read my textbooks."

Tim Tebow also has dyslexia. He says, "You can be extremely bright and still have dyslexia. You just have to understand how you learn and how you process information. When you know that, you can overcome a lot of the obstacles that come with dyslexia."

Is your favorite sports star among these famous athletes with dyslexia? Find out below!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY