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The Most Famous Athletes Who Are Eagle Scouts

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Always be prepared! These sports superstars really took the Boy Scouts of America motto to heart, eventually becoming prepared enough to achieve the organization’s highest honor: Eagle Scout. This list contains information about athletes who are Eagle Scouts, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

Several famous Olympians, MLB players and football stars have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. The requirements for receiving this title include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit, leadership, and service. For all of their hard work, the scouts are recognized in an Eagle Scout ceremony where they are presented with an emblem, asked to take the Eagle Scout oath, and given gifts and scholarships.

These athletic Eagle Scouts eventually went on to even bigger and better things, but maybe it was their foundation in service, honor, and preparedness that helped them achieve fame. Who is the most famous Eagle Scout athlete? Chan Gailey is one of the most recognized. The NFL coach became an Eagle Scout in 1968. Gailey has coached several teams including the Buffalo Bills, Georgia Tech, and Samford. And he’s not the only NFL coach to claim an Eagle Scout ring: Jim E. Mora became an Eagle Scout in 1950. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

MLB player Albert Belle became an Eagle Scout in 1981. NFL player Manti Te'o became an Eagle Scout in 2008. “The Eagle Scout is not about the 20-plus merit badges I have on my sash. It is not about the medal that I have pinned on my uniform. It is not about having the title of Eagle Scout on my résumé,” he said. “Being an Eagle Scout is simply about serving others.”

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