26 Athletes Who Are Nerds

This list contains information about athletes who are nerds, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous NBA stars, football players, and retired athletes are nerds. Some of these famous jocks' nerdiness comes in the form of a technology obsession, whereas others are addicted to video games. One NFL player loves comic books so much that he created his own.

Who is the most famous athlete who is a nerd. Mike Tyson tops our list. Mike Tyson's nerdom comes in the form of an obsession with pigeons. The heavy-weight champion has been raising the birds since he was a teen. In 2013, Shaquille O'Neal called himself "the world's tallest geek." His nerdiness comes from his love of all things technology. His Superman tattoo doesn't help his geeky image, either.

Lance Briggs is a comic book nerd. He loves comics so much that he created his own "seraph" in 2011. Tiger Woods has admitted to having a nerdy side, saying his teammates used to call him "Urkel" when he was in college. Tim Duncan is a big fan of the classic nerd game Dungeons and Dragons. He has also been known to attend Renaissance fairs.

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