Athletes Who Are Clearly No Longer Focused on the Game

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List includes both professional and college athletes

Being a star athlete can be distracting. You are constantly in the limelight, somebody always wants something from you, and one mistake off the field can end up costing you your career. Unfortunately, for so many athletes the fame and fortune among other things can get the best of them. 

Some of the players on this list were MVP's, World Series Champions and at a time the best athlete in their respective sport. While others on this list never quite made it to be the player they had always hoped. Some have been arrested, some are just no longer focused after a long career, while others have spent more time complaining to the media than making a name for themselves.

So whether you judge these athletes by what have you done for me lately or an entire career's worth, all of them clearly have focuses other than the game they currently play. Vote up your picks, add any not listed or re-rank this list of athletes who are clearly no longer focused on the game. 

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