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14 Athletes Who Are Related

Most of us grew up playing sports with our families. After all, who would make a better teammate than your dad or your younger sister? These related athletes are no different. Several famous boxers, NFL players, and tennis champions are related. Some of these family members have played on the same team, while others have faced their loved ones as opponents. One famous athletic family had three generations play in the MLB all-star game.

Who is the most famous athlete who is related to another athlete? Kobe Bryant tops our list. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is the son of former Philadelphia 76ers player Joe "Jellybean" Bryant. Denver Broncos player Peyton Manning (born 1976) is the brother of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (born 1981). Their father is former NFL quarterback Archie Manning. Serena Williams (born 1981) is sister of Venus Williams (1980). As a team, they have won the Wimbledon Grand Slam Doubles on five occasions.

Ray Boone is the father of Bob Boone and the grandfather of Bret and Aaron Boone. All three generations of Boones played in the All-Star Game. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan (born 1962) is the twin brother of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Their father is former Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals head coach Buddy Ryan.

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