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18 Athletes Who Died of Cancer

Sadly, many athletes have died of cancer. Several famous MLB players, football coaches and Olympians died from various forms of cancer. This horrible disease has claimed the lives of many of the world's most prolific professional athletes. 

Who is the most famous athlete who died of cancer? Babe Ruth tops our list. In 1946, an inoperable tumor was found at the base of Babe Ruth's skull and in his neck. He died on August 16, 1948 at the age of 53. In 2011, It was announced that Joe Paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died due to complications with his cancer on Jan. 22, 2012.

Ernie Davis was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia in 1962. He was treated and went into a brief remission before he ultimately passed away due to complications with the disease on May 18, 1963. Sonja Henie was diagnosed with leukemia in the mid-1960s. She died on Oct. 12, 1969 at the age of 57. Gary Carter was diagnosed with four malignant tumors in his brain in 2011. At the age of 57, he died of brain cancer on February 16, 2012.

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