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Pro Athletes Who've Peed Themselves

Updated June 14, 2019 72.7k views20 items

Whenever you're watching a national sports event, there is a strong possibility that you might unwittingly be watching it while one of the competitors are peeing right in front of you. This list compiles a number of episodes when athletes have done their duty. Most of these athletes peed themselves in competition, but some urinated in a more unusual fashion.

Many of these folks play at the highest levels of sports, and there are a multitude of reasons they've relieved themselves on the job. Sometimes, it's simply exhaustion, with athletes who are so spent that they simply can't control those particular muscles. Other times, they've just gotta go and they aren't going to try to hold it in. And then sometimes, some strange individuals actually think that urine actually gives them some advantages on the field.

So take a look at our list of athletes who've peed themselves and take a moment to be thankful that most of our workplaces have bathrooms, sparing us the indignity of peeing into towels or down our legs.

  • While on the Kansas State bench, Henry Walker (then Bill Walker) clearly had to go and nowhere to go do it. So he just very casually used hand towels to soak up the pee. After that, students began regularly waving banners declaring "Bill Walker Pissed Excellence."

  • Avondale Rugby Player

    Usually, wetting oneself on the field of play happens because of accident or necessity, but at least one player has done it to gain a competitive advantage. True story: an unnamed Avondale rugby player was accused of intentionally wetting himself, or placing some kind of liquid on his groin.

    Reportedly, he did this to cause interference and make other players uncomfortable defending him. 

  • Sometimes a soccer player just doesn't have time to make it to the locker room. Sevilla defender Fernando Navarro really needed to relieve himself after warming up on the sidelines, so he hit the bench, where his teammate Carlos Bacca held up a jacket to protect Navarro from prying eyes as he let it flow. That's teamwork, people.

  • Virtually All Iditarod Mushers

    For dog sled racers, peeing on themselves is so common they actually have a product called "pee pants." Listen, they're mushing for over 1,150 miles over the course of a week and they can't be making pit stops all the time. They also can't get wet in freezing conditions.

    It's such a normal thing that no one even talks about anymore, other than to compare the quality of pee pants, presumably.