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Pro Athletes Who've Peed Themselves

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Whenever you're watching a national sports event, there is a strong possibility that you might unwittingly be watching it while one of the competitors are peeing right in front of you. This list compiles a number of episodes when athletes have done their duty. Most of these athletes peed themselves in competition, but some urinated in a more unusual fashion.

Many of these folks play at the highest levels of sports, and there are a multitude of reasons they've relieved themselves on the job. Sometimes, it's simply exhaustion, with athletes who are so spent that they simply can't control those particular muscles. Other times, they've just gotta go and they aren't going to try to hold it in. And then sometimes, some strange individuals actually think that urine actually gives them some advantages on the field.

So take a look at our list of athletes who've peed themselves and take a moment to be thankful that most of our workplaces have bathrooms, sparing us the indignity of peeing into towels or down our legs.

  • Channing Crowder not only engaged in the art of urinating while playing, he was proud enough to declare that he did so in all 82 games he played for the Miami Dolphins. Sometimes he just peed while standing in the huddle. "I never went to the bathroom in the toilet. Every game I peed myself. Six years straight I peed down my leg," Crowder said without an ounce of embarrassment.

    He added: "My teammates didn't enjoy it as much as I did."

  • Yup, even one of the greatest sportsmen of all time engaged in the art of urinating while playing. During overtime in Game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup, Gretzky was so exhausted that he simply couldn't control his muscles and peed himself on the bench.

    He returned to play and - ever the polite Canadian - didn't tell his teammates until after the game.

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  • Photo: Greg Buch / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Game time urination is sort of an open secret, but sometimes, the world actually catches a professional football player in the middle of the act on national television. San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak was trying to get it done with the help of an assistant and using a towel as a makeshift shield.

    Behind Novak, however, the camera was right on him as he relieved himself.  

  • Jon Ritchie

    The former Eagles and Raiders fullback prided himself on being incredibly hydrated at all times. Since he was already drenched in sweat during a game and he'd be taking a shower afterward anyway, he figured, if you've gotta go, you just go.

    He saw it as something completely natural, asking, "What does it matter?"