35 Athletes with Depression

Do you know which popular professional athletes have depression? Several famous NFL players, boxers and Olympians struggle with depression. Some of these athletes have overcome their depression through therapy and medication, while the disorder drove others to commit suicide. Several athletes with depression have went on to become motivational speakers.

Who is the most famous athlete with depression? Mike Tyson tops our list. Mike Tyson struggles with depression. He says, "I’ve had self-loathing my entire life." Amanda Beard discussed her experience with depression in several interviews. She says, "I was really, really awful at communicating, at opening up and sharing my feelings. Whenever I heard anything negative about myself, it hit me so hard, but I never allowed anybody to know what I was thinking or dealing with.”

Ken Griffey, Jr.'s struggle with depression was a major factor in his 1988 suicide attempt. Rick Rypien battled with clinical depression for much of his life. He committed suicide in 2011. Picabo Street went through a huge depression after injuring her knee in a skiing accident in the late-1990s. She says, "I went all the way to rock bottom. I never thought that I ever would experience anything like that in my life."

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Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY