Athletes with the Most Annoying Fans

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The athletes with the most annoying fans are sports stars we love to hate and the fans who love to love them. These fans of the top MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL players hold their favorite athletes as ultimate legends, regardless if they are worthy of the status or not. These sports fans are passionate and loud but more than anything, they are annoying and rarely shut up about how awesome their favorite athlete is.

It shouldn't be any surprise that the athletes that are the most annoying to begin with attract the most annoying fans. For some athletes, fans hold them in such high regard that no matter what the athlete does, the fans will continue to treat them as royalty. Diehard fans of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick barely batted an eye when the National Football League stars found themselves in legal trouble, while outsiders found both the football players and their fans nothing but annoying.

In other cases, the players are seen as the greatest gifts to their respective sports and their annoying fans will never let you forget that. Those who worship the likes of quarterback Tim Tebow, NHL player Sidney Crosby and Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant will all argue that these players are the greatest of all time, even if that's obviously not the truth.

Whether these sports fans are unapologetically supportive of their troublesome athletes, cannot shut their yappers about how great their favorite athlete is or anywhere in between, all of these athletes' fans are stubborn and beyond annoying. They may not be as bad as the most annoying baseball team fans or the basketball teams with the most annoying fans but that certainly doesn't make them any less tolerable.
Most divisive: Brian Wilson
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