Acrobatic, Athletic P!nk Performances That Prove She Could Kick Your Butt

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Forget the Olympics: P!nk performances are the only true measure of the physical potential of the human race. Ever since the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, when she first combined vocal and physical stunts, P!nk has proven herself to be the singer-slash-Cirque-du-Soleil-performer that the country - nay, the world - needs.

For years, the incredibly athletic P!nk has been putting her fellow artists to shame with her signature combination of mid-air acrobatics and on-point singing. The best P!nk performances have always included some heroic mixture of belting, flying, and core body strength. But even the highest-flying, pinkest-haired stunts attract criticism, and some people claim that P!nk acrobatics are tired and overplayed. If you need a comeback for the haters, just point to this list.

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