entertainment Acrobatic, Athletic P!nk Performances That Prove She Could Kick Your Butt  

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Forget the Olympics: P!nk performances are the only true measure of the physical potential of the human race. Ever since the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, when she first combined vocal and physical stunts, P!nk has proven herself to be the singer-slash-Cirque-du-Soleil-performer that the country - nay, the world - needs.

For years, the incredibly athletic P!nk has been putting her fellow artists to shame with her signature combination of mid-air acrobatics and on-point singing. The best P!nk performances have always included some heroic mixture of belting, flying, and core body strength. But even the highest-flying, pinkest-haired stunts attract criticism, and some people claim that P!nk acrobatics are tired and overplayed. If you need a comeback for the haters, just point to this list.

Watch the videos, and vote up your picks for the most incredibly insane P!nk performances of all time.

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She Had A Shining Moment At The 2010 Grammys

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P!nk raised the stakes for other recording artists in 2010, when she broke out this beautiful, expertly choreographed aerial routine set to "Glitter in the Air." Her performance started out slowly, with her gliding onto stage towards a circle of trapeze artists - but once she was in the air, the real magic started. Her graceful maneuvering was already stunning, but once she dunked herself in water, it was clear to everyone watching that Pink was a force to be reckoned with.

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She Low-Key Somersaulted Through The Air At The IHeart Radio Music Festival

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By 2012, P!nk had seemingly decided that it wasn't enough for her to just keep chilling off the ground. At the iHeart Radio Music Festival, she straight-up somersaulted through the air like a supersonic siren.

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She Basically Parodied Herself In A Disney Music Video

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Just as the world was beginning to suspect P!nk does nothing but hang from decorative sashes all day, she did exactly that in this music video for "Just Like Fire." She then proceeded to spin faster than she's ever spun in her entire life. The song was penned for Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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She Wowed Audiences At The 2014 Grammys

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P!nk's aerial performance of "Try" at the 2014 Grammys featured more of her by-now signature moves, as well as new stunts - she catapulted herself from the audience into a dizzying midair spin. Once back on solid ground, she still managed to wow viewers by owning Nate Reuss in their duet, "Just Give Me a Reason."