20 Tumblr Posts About Appa That Actually Make A Good Point

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Even though the world didn't know his species existed until 2005, Appa immediately became everyone's favorite sky bison. Today, he's arguably one of the most beloved characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and rightly so. Appa may not say much, but he's still managed to capture every single fans' heart — so much so that, to this day, fans can be found across the internet demanding, "More Appa content, please and thank you!"

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    Sokka Isn't Fooling Anyone About His Love For Appa 

    From Tumblr user sokkaspirit

    sokka’s always like “appa’s stinky” “appa sneezes everywhere” “appa ate momo” then spends hours making him armor so he’s safe ....... okay then mister

    #he’s literally the dad that’s like ‘no pets I don’t even like pets’ and then 1 day later carries said pet to their food dish#so their paws don’t get tired

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    Although, Appa *Might* Eat Sokka

    From Tumblr user what-would-azula-do

    Appa closing his mouth when Sokka climbs in is so funny to me. He was just like “I normally wouldn’t have eaten him, but he’s climbing into my mouth himself” *chomp*

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    This Relevant And Real Quote From The Bee Movie

    From Tumblr user princemannikin

    “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a [bison] should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The [bison], of course, flies anyway because [bison] don’t care what humans think is impossible.” -Bee Movie (2007) [paraphrased]

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    Appa Is A Wonderful Judge Of Character

    From Tumblr user sokkastyles

    Since we tend to see animals as closer to nature and free from human error, one way to show that a character is trustworthy or has a good heart is to show them being liked by animals. Appa’s affection for Zuko stemmed from Zuko being the one who freed him, but I also like to think that Appa knows that Zuko no longer has bad intentions towards Aang. And the scene with Momo clinging to Zuko after being scared by Aang’s firebending is just really cute and shows how well Zuko has become integrated into the gaang by this point.

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    Appa And Suki Must Have A Close Bond

    From Tumblr user hhhhhhhappycow

    Crying thinking about Appa and Suki and how close they must be after she saved him that one time

    Appa was so hurt and afraid and distressed and Suki did everything right to remind him that there are good humans out there who just want to help him and that there are people out there — a family —waiting for him to come back

    I like to imagine that, years down the line, whenever they reunite, Appa just runs at Suki and covers her in licks while she laughs and ruffles his fur, and everyone is bemused by their antics... Aang letting Suki say yip yip and ride at the front of Appa's saddle because he loves that his friends get along so well and that Appa is close to another human because he lost everything in the genocide too... Suki making sure she keeps some of Appa's favorite snacks on hand in case Aang decides to visit... Appa always putting himself in between Suki and any kind of perceived threat because she essentially sacrificed herself for him, and he is completely willing to do the same for her...

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    Appa Is Aang's Achilles Heel

    From Tumblr user underestimated-heroine

    Love the fact that like 85% of Aang's freakouts were Appa-related. He was the chillest, most peaceful group member until someone started in on Appa at which point he always lost his cool entirely.

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