17 Tumblr Posts About King Bumi That Would 100 Percent Make Him Cackle

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King Bumi is chaos personified. However, unlike other chaotic characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender like Azula or Ozai, the chaos Bumi creates is all in good fun. This is one of the reasons why fans are especially fond of this questionable king and all his hilarious antics. For more reasons, we took to Tumblr to find out what else fans have to say about King Bumi himself. 

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    King Bumi Gave Aang Great Advice

    From this Tumblr user

    Crying because Bumi teaching Aang to look for all possibilities probably really helped him later in the series when everyone was telling him to kill Ozai and my boy found another way. He took what Bumi taught him and stuck by his beliefs and I love him

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    King Bumi Is Truly Aang's BFF

    From Tumblr user coffeewolf54

    Okay can we just appreciate the fact that the very first thing Bumi did upon seeing his childhood friend after he was presumed dead/missing for 100 years was prank the heck out of him?

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    King Bumi Doesn't Compare To Anyone

    From Tumblr user ionlylikemycat

    king bumi

    the mad genius and 112-year-old man

    the legend

    kicked the fire nation out of his city in 8 minutes flat and didn’t break a sweat

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    King Bumi Is Unhinged In The Best Way

    From Tumblr user genderfluidem

    No one talks about that one episode with king bumi where he looked at sokka and said “i bet you like meat.” and then shoved a drumstick in his mouth.

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    King Bumi Definitely Knows How To Face Bend

    From Tumblr user carolofthebell

    Laying awake in bed at 2 am realizing that:

    Bumi definitely learned face-bending while trapped in a full-body cast.

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    King Bumi Knows How To Govern A City

    From Tumblr user larcenygrand:

    Bumi was an EXCELLENT king. Omashu looked to be flourishing when Aang, Katara, and Sokka visited near the end of his first (presumably long) reign, before its half year occupation by the fire nation. The famous delivery system is running smoothly, we see artisans practicing, and the soldiers respect Bumi.

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