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The Most Underappreciated Characters In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ranked

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Avatar: The Last Airbender has a full cast interesting and unique characters filling up all four nations. But the fans of the show have definitely singled out certain characters for more appreciation than others. Uncle Iroh, Toph, Prince Zuko, and Aang are among the few that receive an ample amount of praise - albeit well-deserved!

We've compiled a list of the most underappreciated characters in ATLA. Vote up the characters you want to give some 'preciation.

  • In the episode "Appa's Lost Days", we're most clearly able to see the deep compassion that Appa has for his team members. His uncompromising loyalty is often taken for granted, but it takes a special type of strength to withstand such a strenuous adventure all over the world. Who can forget, though, his awesome fight with Momo.

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  • Even though initially underestimated by Sokka, Suki found a way to prove her worth as a warrior and a friend to Team Avatar. She can be credited with humbling Sokka, rescuing Appa, and aiding the Avatar on multiple occassions. She also becomes one of Prince Zuko's most trusted guardians.

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    Sokka is always seen as the comedic relief of Team Avatar. But his skills range much further than that. As a master swordsman and a creative strategist, he proves his worth to Team Avatar almost every episode. "The guy with the plan" is never empty-handed. He deserves more appreciation for the way he kept his own while surrounded by some of the world's most powerful benders.

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    Uncle Iroh

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    Iroh's wisdom has flowed to almost all of the characters, including Toph, Aang, and Zuko. He remains patient, understanding, and forgiving in ways that have literally shaped history. He is a strong father figure to Zuko.

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