19 Tumblr Posts About Ozai That Actually Make A Good Point

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There are few villains in the Avatar universe more hated than Firelord Ozai. Between his genocidal antics and how he treats (re: abuses) his family, Ozai boils the blood of ATLA fans everywhere. However, fans do give him credit for being a spectacular villain. He approaches everything in his life selfishly and his only goals are those that will help bolster his power and image. Ozai truly is the rare type of villain who doesn't need a backstory to explain his motives. He's pure evil through and through. 

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    Ozai Got What He Deserved 

    Ozai Got What He Deserved 
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user elizabethspride:

    I know many of you don't like that Aang spares Ozai's life but hear me out: I think it makes perfect sense. Let's see...Ozai is a cruel, selfish, heartless man who only ever cares about himself and power, whether it be his bending or being the ruler of the most powerful nation in existence, who is abusive towards his wife and children, and uses fear and manipulation to form relationships with others. For a man like this, getting his bending and authority (AKA his power) stripped away from him—and spending the rest of his life rotting in prison, feeling weak and powerless with everyone not fearing or respecting him anymore and treating him like a prisoner and not as the Fire Lord, which the world feared—is, in my opinion, worse than dying by the hands of the Avatar.

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    Ozai's Looks Are Deceiving

    Ozai's Looks Are Deceiving
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user bleekay:

    Ozai is this horrific faceless villain for two seasons, then in the first episode of season 3, the camera finally pans to his face and it’s like.... this guy's got anime shiny eyes. Painfully sharp cheekbones don’t cut yourself. Immaculate eyebrow game, I admit, definitely has someone shape them every day. Beard that is just begging to be YANKED (thank u Aang in advance). And yeah he has a nose and like a mouth and hair. All in all, kinda underwhelming, expected him to look like at least 50% eviler. Then again, maybe that was the whole point: evil doesn’t manifest itself in someone’s face, you can look normal af and be a sh*tshow of a human being.


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    Ozai's "Biggest Failure" Is The Reason For His Downfall

    Ozai's "Biggest Failure" Is The Reason For His Downfall
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user that-boomerang-guy:

    You ever think about how Ozai has this look on his face, not because Aang redirected his lightning, but because the first and only other person who did redirect it was Zuko?

    And that was right after Zuko promised to teach the Avatar everything he needed to know to defeat Ozai. To me, it feels more like Ozai wasn’t surprised that Aang could redirect, but more so that Zuko followed through on his promise and taught Aang everything he needed to know.

    I don’t think Ozai ever thought that Zuko would be the game-changer, the reason for his defeat. He never took his threat seriously until this moment. And because of this, he realizes Aang really did have all the tools to defeat him.

    Or maybe I’m reading too much into it, who knows.


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    Ozai Shouldn't Have Made An Enemy Out Of Zuko

    Ozai Shouldn't Have Made An Enemy Out Of Zuko
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    From Tumblr user sketiana:

    Ozai's stupidest move is to make Zuko his enemy. Really, the kid you sent off to hunt and kill a ghost—and he did go out and chase it for three whole years despite you burning half his face off—that's how loyal and determined and relentless Zuko is for a goal that isn't even his. Did Ozai not think for a second that being on the other side of Zuko's drive, especially if his goals are his own and not forced by others, would end up in him being defeated one way or another cause Zuko can't quit? idiot.

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    Ozai Is The True Failure

    Ozai Is The True Failure
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user iiroh:

    So if I do the math right, Ozai would have approximately ruled over the Fire Nation for like eight years at most and yes, he did a lot of terrifying things in that span of time. However, comparing it to Azulon and Sozin? Loser Lord had such a short term??? He also gave up searching for the Avatar right?? And got his adult butt beaten by his “failure” of a son AND a prepubescent kid and was royally roasted by teenagers shortly after?? LOSER LORD INDEED.


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    Ozai Has No Self-Awareness

    Ozai Has No Self-Awareness
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user demiboydemon:

    R/Am I the butthole for ghosting my son?

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. My(45M) son(16M) is a disrespectful, disobedient, socially inept, untalented brat. Seriously, compared to his sister (14F, perfect, talented, obedient, respectful), he’s a real pest.

    Anyway, my daughter has always excelled at school and extracurriculars. She has friends and is a prodigy (she takes after me). My son doesn’t have friends because he doesn’t deserve them. I’m gracious enough to let him play with my daughter’s friends, even though he’s the worst.

    After my wife (43F) killed my dad and left us, I took it upon myself to raise the kids on my own, with a little help from my servants, but mostly on my own.

    Anyway, about a year and a half ago, my son disrespected one of my generals—and by extent disrespected me—by saying my battle plans were cruel and unnecessarily violent. He was being a little weakling about it, even after I had been so gracious to him throughout his life.

    I obviously couldn’t let this slide, so I held a party of sorts and burned off part of his head. Then I kicked him out and basically told him he could come back when pigs fly.

    I feel like I was justified in my decisions, after all, my house my rules, but my annoying brother keeps judging me. Reddit, AITA?


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