15 Times Fans Dished Out Controversial Perspectives About 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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Some ATLA fans call them unpopular opinions, others call them hot takes. No matter how fans describe them, one thing is for certain: these perspectives are usually controversial. And, sometimes, they're even true. 

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    Azula Doesn't Need A Redemption Arc

    From Reddit user ElderLyons2277

    People I've seen always want Azula to have a redemption arc. She doesn't need one. At all. She won't ever get one. It's unnecessary. Not every bad guy needs to become a good guy.

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    Jet Is A Terrible Person

    From Tumblr user the-creepy-void

    Unpopular opinion! Don't fight me on this, I don't care what you have to say.

    Azula was raised from birth to be a weapon, saw the consequences of disobedience or failure with her older brother, and eventually, when faced with the weight and the state of her life around her, she collapsed and had a mental break. Y'all remember the beach episode? She literally doesn't know how to be normal because of how she was raised.

    Jet had a childhood until he lost his parents to the Fire Nation, and decided to take it out on innocent civilians. He was ready and willing to murder CHILDREN, innocent civilians, because they just so happened to live in a Fire Nation village. He trained a small army of children to do the same!


    This isn't me being an Azula apologist either. She has many problems and needs help, I'm just so sick of seeing the "If you like Azula as a character, you legally need to like Jet too!" No I don't.

    Wheat-Boy died in a tunnel and I don't care.

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    Aang Did Not Master The Elements In One Year

    From Tumblr user tophsbiggestfan

    Aang did not master four elements in one year. This is something I see as almost totally accepted in the Avatar fandom. I don’t know if it’s because he was told he had to defeat the Fire Lord or if they actually said he did, but I sincerely doubt that’s true.

    First off, Aang mastered airbending in 12 years before the show started, not the one during the show. We know this because it’s stated several times that he was the youngest to ever do so (until Jinora at 11 but I digress).

    I would say the element we have the most proof that Aang is definitely not mastered in by the end of ATLA is earthbending, considering Toph tells him that his bending still needs some work near the end of the series. Also knowing Toph and her expectation of perfection, it would be a long time before she would ever really consider him a master at earthbending. Not to mention, I’d hope he would learn metalbending too. I’m sure he has the ability since he can learn seismic sense and Toph is capable of both. I’d say he’s only 60% mastery at earthbending, and if I’m honest I think that’s generous considering the time he was given to learn it.

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    The Writers Should Have Expanded On Ozai's Story

    From Reddit user aisyahz

    There should have been an episode, or at least some development on Fire Lord Ozai. I wish there were more scenes on times where they were a happy family once, during the times on Ember Island vacations.

    But gradually with Ozai’s obsession with power (and maybe Azulon's favouritsm with Iroh), he was driven into madness and his character completely changed to he the way he is now in ATLA. Otherwise, he's just a villain who wants to burn the world and an evil dude who burned his son. I just wanted more expansion on his back story or origin story why he’s the way he is.

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    The Zutara Ship Has No Legs To Stand On

    From Tumblr user inkytrinket-irii

    Hot Take

    It’s literally just because Katara and Zuko are attractive and opposites. Zero canon fortitude.

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    Zuko And Mai's Relationship Is Toxic

    From Tumblr user zuko-always-lies

    Unpopular Opinion: Zuko’s treatment of Mai is deeply toxic.

    Mai is a character who is often maligned in the fandom, with it even occasionally being claimed that she was “abusive” toward Zuko. Any objective analysis of Mai’s behavior in her relationship with Zuko will instead find that she was, in fact, a shockingly good romantic partner, generally treating Zuko very well and being loyal to him far beyond reasonable expectation.  Claims that Mai behaved toxically toward Zuko seem to be instead founded in misogynistic expectations that women be perfect caretakers for the men in their lives.

    That is not to say that the Zuko-Mai relationship isn’t still deeply toxic. However, its toxicity stems from the manner which Zuko badly mistreats Mai, often in ways which devalue her.