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Your Avatar The Last Airbender Villain, According To Your Zodiac

Updated November 20, 2020 18.6k views12 items

The villains in Avatar: The Last Airbender are always celebrated as being complex, interesting characters. With complicated backstories and clear motives, it's hard not to see ourselves in the characters, too. Curious to see which ATLA character matches your zodiac sign? Read down below! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

  • Leos are often the "life of the party"; Long Feng established himself as the "life" of the Earth Kingdom behind the scenes. In a self-absorbed grab for power, he acquired the allegiance of the Dai Li agents to spread his selfish, questionable agenda. If situations were different, we can only expect that Long Feng would display the best of the Leos: partying, taking holidays, and treating himself well.

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  • Virgos are loyal, hardworking, and practical. Instead of letting his rage completely inform his revenge, Jet created a large grassroots rebellion force with persistence and hard work. He remained loyal to his friends to the very end and fought hard for what he thought was right. Though driven by loss and sometimes blinded by his hardships, he was always practical and well-organized. And even still, his humanity informed his eventual change of heart, a sign of a strong Virgo.

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  • Libras try their best to promote peace and harmony. Though she didn't want to join Azula at first, she only does so because Azula was persistent. She avoids confrontation with Azula until she is absolutely required to protect Mai. Her extroverted personality makes everyone smile. Though a ruthless fighter, she is driven at the core by a justice as she eventually joins the Kyoshi warriors.

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  • Scorpio Is Firelord Sozin

    Firelord Sozin was the first leader to claim the world for the Fire Nation. Like most Scorpios, Sozin remained stubborn and determined in his evil goals, also becoming jealous of his powerful friend, Avatar Roku. The characteristics of a Scorpio - bravery and passion - informed Sozin's villanous nature.

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