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Your Avatar The Last Airbender Villain, According To Your Zodiac

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The villains in Avatar: The Last Airbender are always celebrated as being complex, interesting characters. With complicated backstories and clear motives, it's hard not to see ourselves in the characters, too. Curious to see which ATLA character matches your zodiac sign? Read down below! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

  • Aries are known for being enthusiastic and confident at their best. Unfortunately, at their worst, Aries are also known for being autocratic and violent. Firelord Ozai's love for power - and infamous Agni Kai with his own son - reflects a predisposition towards these negative qualities.

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  • Taurus' are praised for their persistence and reliability. Combustion Man is a trained hunter, so much so that he is sought by Prince Zuko for his secret mission of hunting the Avatar. He remains uncompromising in his mission. Even when Zuko tries to stop him - and even when Zuko offers him double the money - he still firebends against the Avatar. What a classic Taurus.

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  • Gemini's are known on their changeable personalities and open mindedness. However, they can also be two-faced liars. And who is more two-faced that Koh the Face Stealer, who literally has tons of faces?  Koh literally steals the faces of others and lets Aang go in a counterintuitive display of mercy. It's hard to really understand Koh, just as it might seem hard to decipher Geminis at first glance.

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  • Geminis are known on their changeable personalities and open mindedness. At their worst, crabs are also cynical of the world around them and thus prone to becoming manipulative. Hama's bright mind and quick thinking brought evil chaos to the world. As a fan-favorite villain, especially because of her introduction of bloodbending, Hama confronts the complex realities of war. She was only a surivivor because of her innovative and manipulative tactics, a clear indication of her Cancer personality.

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