List of Famous Bands from Atlanta

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Only bands and artists from Atlanta, Georgia.

This list of famous bands and solo musicians from Atlanta, Georgia, contains a wide range of different musical genres, including rock, pop, r&b, metal, electronic, jam, punk, country, Christian, indie, acoustic, trap, rap, and of course, hip hop. These artists might not necessarily be the best American singers, rappers, or groups ever, but they still remain many of Georgia's finest and most popular musicians across the city and state.

From The Black Crowes and John Mayer, to T.I. and OutKast's André 3000, this list contains all of your favorite singers and groups from Hotlanta. 

If you're wondering, "what bands are from Atlanta, GA?" or "where can I find a good list of Atlantan musicians?" then look no further! Check out the local, talented Atlanta natives below, and be sure to use this list of talented musicians to discover some great new bands/singers (and of course their songs/albums) from this diverse Southern metropolis.

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