'Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes' Is The Most Absurd Franchise In Movie History

What started as a student project became one of the best homicidal fruit franchises to date, mostly because of the earnest effort that went into the making of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It's one of the strangest, if not silliest B-movies ever produced. Originally released in 1978, the titular killer tomatoes became legendary villains of campy horror and inspired three sequels. The film came together because of the sincere efforts of the cast and crew, but the plot doesn't employ the same level of seriousness as its creators.

Regardless of how you came upon the franchise, odds are you laughed while watching it, yet still wondered who was crazy enough to execute the idea in the first place. It has garnered quite the cult following, and these facts about Attack of the Killer Tomatoes might explain why.