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Which Attack On Titan Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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You may have already used the stars to figure out which Bleach and Naruto characters you are based on your zodiac sign, but what about another wildly popular anime: Attack on Titan? Are you a hotblooded Aries like Eren Jaeger, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals? Are you a Virgo like Levi Ackerman, who pays attention to detail and will eviscerate you for getting those details wrong? Or are you a knowledge-hungry Aquarius like Hange Zoe, who will take any risk necessary to find out the truth?

What the stars reveal about you and these characters is more than just an Attack on Titan fan theory. It's time to find out which Attack on Titan character truly resonates with you. 

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    An Aries stops at nothing to achieve their goals, and neither does Eren Jaeger. Titans forced him to live in confinement, killed his mother, and destroyed his home, and he plans to get revenge by killing every last one of them. The first Fire sign of the zodiac lends him the strength to never give up, but it also encourages him to stubbornly refuse to listen to any criticism. Without the grounding influence of Armin and Mikasa, Eren would have likely given in to the reckless impulsivity that characterizes an Aries at its worst.

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    While it may seem as though Sasha Blouse is best suited to the second sign in the zodiac simply because of her preoccupation with food, her connection to Taurus energy actually goes much deeper than that. Sasha doesn't only focus on food because she's into gourmet cooking – she grabs it whenever she sees it because she needs it to feel secure. As a child, Sasha nearly starved to death, something she wants to make sure she'll never experience again. Once her Taurean safety needs are met, Sasha is a fun, laid-back person.

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    Geminis are known for being witty, resourceful people who are natural leaders. They're also known for being two-faced, judgemental, and easily overwhelmed. Jean Kirstein exhibits both positive and negative Gemini traits. While he doesn't think of himself as having leadership skills, he naturally takes on the role of guiding his troops to safety during battle. He's also one of the few people in the Survey Corps to actually crack jokes once in a while, even if they're often sarcastic. However, he is critical of others who don't measure up to his exacting standards, can't be honest about his own tendency toward cowardice, and gets easily overwhelmed while preparing for battle – there's definitely a Gemini duality at play within Jean.

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    Ever since Eren, her adopted brother, saved her from slave traders when she was a little girl, Mikasa Ackerman has dedicated her life to taking care of him. This desire is reinforced both by Eren's tendency toward impulsive and dangerous behavior that requires intervention and Mikasa's star sign, Cancer.

    Cancers are natural caretakers, ready and willing to put their own needs aside for the sake of others. However, they can also take their loving ways a little too far – Eren sometimes feels smothered by Mikasa's nurturing, as it often takes the form of advising him not to risk his life killing Titans, which is counsel he simply refuses to take. Despite her words not getting through, this Cancer stays dedicated to her mission.

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