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The 16 Most Traumatic Attack On Titan Deaths (So Far)

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Attack on Titan made a name for itself by being one of the most gruesome and emotionally devastating anime in history. Each episode brings fresh misery - including characters actually losing their lives. With so many traumatizing Attack on Titan deaths, it’s easy to become numb to them as the series wears on. But despite the deluge, some of these events stand out above the rest and become utterly heartrending.

If you aren’t caught up with the anime, proceed with caution. As you may have guessed, this list is going to be spoiler heavy. Although this list is focused primarily on deaths that happened in the anime, there may be some supplementary information from the manga.

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    Marco Bott - Season One

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    Most anime don't open with the demise of one of the fresh-faced new recruits, but Attack on Titan wants you to know from the start that it's not going to play nice. Marco was a kind, gentle person who was close friends with the spiky and acerbic Jean Kirstein. Just before his passing, he tells the other members of the Survey Corps that he is pretty sure that none of them will survive - and that while he's willing to risk himself for a purpose, he has no idea what that purpose is. 

    Exactly how he met his end isn't depicted, but his half-eaten body and haunted expression make it clear that whatever it was, it was grisly. Later, it's revealed that Marco overheard Reiner and Annie discussing their nefarious plans and that they personally took his life to keep him quiet. 

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    Miche Zacharius - Season Two

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    Miche Zacharius was a member of the Survey Corps who viewers didn't get to know too well. While any passing is sad, this one didn't have the emotional impact of losing a more well-known character. But Miche was more than random fodder - his demise introduced a new and quite serious threat, the Beast Titan. This hairy creature actually asks Miche questions - it seems particularly interested in his 3D Maneuver Gear. When Miche doesn't answer and tries to take the Beast Titan down, it orders other smaller Titans to eliminate him. The introduction of a Titan that not only speaks but asks intelligent questions and commands authority deepens the plot in a truly terrifying way.

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    If you thought that the only terrible thing in the world of Attack on Titan came at the hands of the Titans themselves, this flashback to Mikasa's past shows that humans are just as awful as Titans, if not more so. A group of slave traders break into the Ackerman's home and end the lives of her parents in an effort to kidnap Mikasa - then just a little girl - and use her in the sex trade. Though Eren ultimately rescues Mikasa and helps her eliminate the threat of the traders, it doesn't take away the pain that comes from losing her parents in such a gruesome way. 

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    Ilse Langnar - Ilse's Notebook

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    This traumatic event comes from an Attack on Titan OVA, Ilse’s Notebook, which provided one of the first hints that Titans might actually be intelligent. As Ilse Langnar, a member of the Survey Corps is attempting to find safety inside the walls after the loss of her team, she comes across a Titan. This Titan isn't like the others  - it can speak. Before it devours Ilse, it calls her the Subject of Ymir - an important hint for the later story, but incomprehensible to Ilse. In her last moments, she writes down this crucial bit of information, leaving it for others to find. The talking Titan tosses what remains of her body into a tree, allowing others to find her bones as well.

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