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21 Small But Impressive Details Fans Noticed In ‘Attack On Titan’

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Attack on Titan is an anime that deserves to be watched more than once. Since the series contains complex world-building and insane plot twists, it's important to pay close attention to the show. Luckily, AoT fans are pointing out these small yet clever details you might have missed on your first viewing.

From brilliant foreshadowing to hidden references, these subtle details will make you appreciate the anime even more. Take a look below and vote up the Attack on Titan details that blew you away!

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    Reiner Removes His Hood For Annie

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    Eren's Head Is Steaming During The Training Corps Arc

    Photo: Wit Studio

    From Redditor u/anzurba:

    Attention to detail in season 1, episode 3: Eren hurting his head and the steam that results from healing.

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    Look Who's About To Bite Their Hand At Utgard Castle

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    From Redditor u/AnokataX:

    ...Bertholdt Hoover is about to bite his hand in this scene. This is because he's actually the Colossal Titan.

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    Why Didn't The Scouts Notice Zeke's Titans In Shiganshina?

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    From Redditor u/themanliestdrew:

    Noticed this sneaky hiding spot in the first half of [episode 50].

    At the end of season 3 episode 50, Zeke launches a surprise attack on the Survey Corps in Shiganshina. He summons an army of titans around Wall Maria using his voice command powers. Many fans found this to be a plot hole since neither Zeke nor the Eldians from Marley were discovered by the Scouts when riding into Shiganshina. However, there is a brief scene that reveals a small pipe sticking out from the ground. This implies that Zeke and his army were hiding beneath the ground while using the pipes for air.

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