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Attack On Titan Fan Theories

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What the heck is really going on in Attack on Titan? The entire series is one epic pivot after another, making viewers question the reasoning behind everything. Sometimes, it's up to fans to come up with the answers themselves. So let's look at the fan theories about Attack on Titan Season 2 and beyond. Now, these reference both the anime and the manga, so be prepared for heavy spoilers ahead. Eren Jaeger, humanity, and the Titans have much more ahead of them, and the creative minds behind these fan theories about Attack on Titan get down to the imaginative, dubious, and sometimes stunningly scientific details behind unanswered questions.

With so many time skips, insane plot twists, and dark mysteries, there are still many circumstances and events lacking a solid connection to the storyline, and people can only speculate the truth behind what's really happening for now. In the meantime, Attack on Titan fan theories paint a colorful picture for inquisitive minds to fill in the gaps.

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    A Titan's Body Is Made Of Yeast

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    In a very well thought-out and scientific theory about the physical composition of the Titans, fans have theorized that Titans are actually made of yeast. Not only does highly fertile yeast collect around the outskirts of Wall Sina, where there are a ton of Titans, fans have pointed out numerous connections between yeast and the behavior of the giant, bumbling beasts.

    Tumblr user danilovesanimenel reposted the theory from a Ymir page, pointing out their personally discovered yeast facts. They show that, scientifically, "yeast produces a large amount of gas and heat, much like the bodies of Titans," and that "UV rays increase yeast productivity," which "means that if a large component of a Titan’s biology is yeast, then the reason for their sluggishness during the night is that the sun is their energy." Frankly, the whole argument is pretty compelling. 

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    Mikasa Will Be All Alone In The End

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    Eren, Armin, and Mikasa have been together since they were children. Eren and Armin are driven by a desire to kill Titans and save humanity, while Mikasa is more concerned about just Eren. Nylla Camphry predicts that Eren will die in a grand sacrificial way to save mankind, in line with his personality and drive. She also predicts that Eren will have to eat other humans to gain Titan powers, and that it may even come to the point where Eren must eat Armin.

    Nylla Camphry goes on to state that Mikasa will be the only survivor of the three childhood friends, as it would tragically suit her character of not wanting to be alone. 

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    The Walls Are Made By Humans Who Can Become Titans

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    Humanity has retreated within giantantic walls to protect themselves from the man-eating Titans. While it's known that the Walls were created by Titans, xDollfie theorizes that the Walls are actually made up of humans who can become Titans. In other words, the Walls are humans standing in a circle, constantly in Titan form. What's even crazier is that the Walls have been in place for over 100 years, meaning that these human-shifting Titans have been standing there for a very long time.

    xDollfie also predicts that many humans (to create three walls) were forced to sacrifice their lives to live within the Walls and become the Walls. 

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    Eren Kreuger Is Eren Jaeger From A Past Life

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    Some Attack on Titan theorists believe the soldier Eren Kreuger is a reincarnation of Eren Jaeger from a past life, which is why he knew both Armin and Mikasa before their birth.

    In a Wiki thread posted about the theory by Eobard95, user Xinomorph noted that a reincarnation theory wouldn't be totally out of the ordinary, as Attack on Titan contains a lot of references to Norse folklore and mythology. The Norse believed that a dead person would come back to this world, reincarnated as the person they're named after. This could very well explain why Eren's father named him as he did, so that the Eren Kreuger could come to life once again. 

    As stated by Redditor dustofoblivion123, "When he dies, he sends some of his memories of his own life to Eren Kruger, thereby influencing his own father's actions and changing his own destiny in his next life."

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