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Attack On Titan Fan Theories

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What the heck is really going on in Attack on Titan? The entire series is one epic pivot after another, making viewers question the reasoning behind everything. Sometimes, it's up to fans to come up with the answers themselves. So let's look at the fan theories about Attack on Titan Season 2 and beyond. Now, these reference both the anime and the manga, so be prepared for heavy spoilers ahead. Eren Jaeger, humanity, and the Titans have much more ahead of them, and the creative minds behind these fan theories about Attack on Titan get down to the imaginative, dubious, and sometimes stunningly scientific details behind unanswered questions.

With so many time skips, insane plot twists, and dark mysteries, there are still many circumstances and events lacking a solid connection to the storyline, and people can only speculate the truth behind what's really happening for now. In the meantime, Attack on Titan fan theories paint a colorful picture for inquisitive minds to fill in the gaps.