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Attack On Titan Fan Theories

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What the heck is really going on in Attack on Titan? The entire series is one epic pivot after another, making viewers question the reasoning behind everything. Sometimes, it's up to fans to come up with the answers themselves. So let's look at the fan theories about Attack on Titan Season 2 and beyond. Now, these reference both the anime and the manga, so be prepared for heavy spoilers ahead. Eren Jaeger, humanity, and the Titans have much more ahead of them, and the creative minds behind these fan theories about Attack on Titan get down to the imaginative, dubious, and sometimes stunningly scientific details behind unanswered questions.

With so many time skips, insane plot twists, and dark mysteries, there are still many circumstances and events lacking a solid connection to the storyline, and people can only speculate the truth behind what's really happening for now. In the meantime, Attack on Titan fan theories paint a colorful picture for inquisitive minds to fill in the gaps.

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    Armin Is The Narrator Of The Story

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    In the Japanese anime, as well as the English dub, the narrator of Attack on Titan is voiced by the same voice actor as Armin Arlert. Marina Inoue and Josh Grelle voice both characters, respectively, which has caused a stir in the fandom, bringing up speculations that Armin may be the narrator of the series.

    "Maybe Armin is writing everything for us to read several years later or for a history book," went the prime point in Sookey5's Wiki post pointing out this theorySheepyBoo also speculates the narration comes from an older Armin, and that the narrator is, "actually Armin, but when he grows up." It certainly feels plausible. 

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    Titans Eat Humans Because They Want To Revert Back To Humans

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    So Titans are always frantically eating humans, even though they have no means of digesting them. What's up with that?  Well, according to -V0lD on Reddit, it's actually the "general speculation" of the entire Attack on Titan subreddit that Titans subconsciously know eating a Titan shifter will revert them back to human form. Therefore, they eat every person in the hopes they'll turn back, even though they don't seem outwardly to have any real drive or motivation.

    FangedFish on Reddit made a post claiming the fearsome giants are actually trying to hold onto humanity, going from person to person desperately trying to eat a shifter because, "subconsciously they want to become human again."

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    Annie's Crystal Is Buying Her Time To Live Until Her Grand Finale

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    Annie has a lot of secrets to reveal and a much, much deeper story developing for her. Well, once she gets out of her crystal cocoon. According to a theory posted by Eobard95, Annie only has a set time left to live, and being completely crystallized might be slowing down her death. If so, it's in her best interest to save her strength for a massive final fight, which will most likely be against Marley.

    If the Survey Corps can convince Annie to join them, even out of anger or a desire for revenge against the people who put her in this situation, then it would prove to be a grand comeback for her.

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    Eren Will Use The Titans Inside The Wall To Defend Humanity

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    The walls guarding humanity against the onslaught of Titans are actually composed of Titans, this much we know for sure. But what will their fate be? Snkconspiracytheories thinks these Titans are going to be used by Eren as the ultimate weapon of war.

    With thousands of Titans residing inside of the walls, they will inevitably be, "The strongest weapon to end the war against Marley."

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