Anime Underground The Most Perfect Tweets About Attack On Titan Season 2  

Hannah Collins
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This list contains spoilers for Attack on Titan.

After four long, long, years of waiting, Attack On Titan Season 2 came to screens around the world in 2017. Safe to say, fans on Twitter welcomed its return with open arms and plenty of memes. Season 1 gave fans their first gruesome taste of Titan carnage, with invading hordes, dramatic Wall breaches, tragic origin stories, crazy AoT fan theories, and the shocking revelation of Eren's true identity.

Season 2 didn't disappoint either, with even more shocking reveals, bloodshed, and tantalizing intrigue (not to mention even more inadvertently, goofy Titans to laugh at). The only downsides? Criminally low levels of Captain Levi and confusing AF timejumps. Relive the highs, lows, and funniest moments with the best tweets about Attack On Titan Season 2. Vote up the most hilarious Twitter moments that highlight what was good or bad about the highly-anticipated season. 

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Wait, They're What Now?

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Just Here For Levi, TBH

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Do They Floss, Too?

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You Can't Argue With Logic Like That

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