Weird History

Queen Elizabeth II's Daughter Almost Got Kidnapped At Gunpoint - Her Response Is Legendary

The British royal family has fascinated the public since the beginnings of the monarchy itself. The idea of kings, queens, princes, and princesses is captivating; their lives and experiences seem significantly removed from the trials and travails of ordinary life - which sometimes isn't the greatest thing. For example, Queen Elizabeth II, England's longest-reigning queen, has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories as a result of this intense public scrutiny.

Public fascination with the royal family can lead to outcomes more serious than conspiratorial thinking, such as kidnapping attempts, which is what happened to Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II's daughter, on March 20, 1974. Ian Ball, a north London laborer who was unemployed at the time, created a plot to kidnap Princess Anne and hold her for a huge ransom, and the story of the botched attempt is as interesting and outlandish as the royal family itself.