Unspeakable Times

People Who Survived An Attempted Murder Tell Their Stories  

Samantha Dillinger
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There has been a recent increasing fascination with true crime in media and entertainment. Recounting unspeakable stories usually feels more like a work of fiction than something that actually happened. Few people have literally been on the wrong side of a gun, a knife, or a deranged person and lived to tell the tale. There are some, though, who have been attacked by someone with an intent to kill and are still here to share their story.

There are plenty of survival stories that have been sensationalized by popular culture, and rightfully so, but these Redditors aren't likely to show up on any screen, big or small.

A Teenager Was Hit With A Brick And Dragged Away By Their Ponytail

From Redditor /u/muffinyipps:

I was 15 and outside in my garage petting my cat. It was November so it was already dark by 5pm. Someone opened the door behind me without me hearing, grabbed me by my ponytail and started dragging me outside. They hit me on my head with a brick and knocked me out. [They] pulled me halfway around my house when (I'm guessing this is when) they stabbed me on the left side of my stomach. This must have brought me out of my daze, because my mom said she heard me scream from inside where she, my brother, and my sister were. They came out the front door and saw me bleeding out on the sidewalk, and called 911. I had 12 stitches (double layer), a severe concussion, and whiplash. I didn't eat and hardly slept for a week. They never found the person.

A Grandma And Grandson Had To Hide From An Addict Father

From Redditor /u/MissourisOwn:

My dad was a meth addict. He did lots of f*cked up things - dropping me off at trap houses to have "sleepovers" with other "coke babies," living in a house full of animal sh*t and hoarding. He was a real f*cking character.

One night he came looking for my mom and I at our place. Mom wasn't there. Grandma was babysitting me. I was sleeping in bed when somebody started to try and open my window. It was locked, but they kept jamming something into the bottom to try and force it open. At the same time, I heard the living room door being tried by somebody else. My grandma snuck into my room in her nightgown, apparently woken up by the same thing, and told me to say nothing. Don't even whisper. We laid under my bed while a group of men shouted for my mom to come out, slammed their hands on the windows to try and break them, and jumped on my grandma's car.

She called the police and barely whispered into the phone. Eventually the cops arrived and the men scattered. Long story short, my dad and his friends came to the house with guns and knives with every intention to [end] me and my mother because she was going to get custody of me. If my mom wasn't so vigilant with locks (we had three different kinds on the front and back doors), we would have died.

A Smoothie Shop Employee Was Threatened By A Burglar

From Redditor /u/braxtonianman:

When I was two weeks into my first job as a 16 year old (at a smoothie establishment that should be known to NBA fans), we were robbed. It was late, and my coworker's friends had been playing pranks on her all day, so when I saw someone burst through the door, I thought it was just that. Until, that is, I had something metal pressed against my back and an arm wrapped around my chest. The robber gave the whole stereotypical "give me all the money" spiel, and ordered us to go into the back room, kneel down, and face the wall. As I was kneeling and hearing him walking towards us, time seemed to slow down. Thankfully, I had been refilling juices whenever he came in, and so the door to the back room was partially blocked by a heavy cart. With whatever substance he was on, he wasn't coordinated enough to get past it to us, so he fled. He was followed by my coworker's husband and caught.

When he was caught, they found an industrial sized pipe wrench wrapped tightly in his fist, so that he could get a stronger grip when swinging. I'm so glad that cart was there. Once a year or so, I would look him up in the parish prison roster to see if he was still in jail. One year, he suddenly wasn't. I later found him named in a lawsuit as having stabbed his cellmate a half dozen times while the guy was asleep. Definitely doesn't seem like the nicest of people. Nine years later, I'm still unpacking this incident in therapy - it's why I don't like walking around cities at night or sitting where I can't see the door.

A Group Of Friends Had Guns Pulled On Them After A Near Car Accident

From Redditor /u/anangryafrican:

[I was] chilling with the bros drinking at a park. As we drive off to leave, a car coming our way almost hits us. The driver obviously reacts like "WTF" and I guess the other car noticed.

They turned around and caught up to us at a stop sign. The other driver asked if we had a problem, we told them stop driving like a**holes. Then their back window rolls down and two guys in the back draw Glocks with drum magazines.

We just kind of froze up at first but then our driver pulled off hastily. We later found out those guys got arrested for shooting someone else that same day.