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14 Features Science Says You Are Attracted To Without Even Knowing

Updated 14 Jun 2019 353.0k views14 items

When you make that first instantaneous judgment about whether or not you like how someone looks, you're actually being influenced by a whole slew of things you don't realize you find attractive. At first glance, the basics of attractiveness seem pretty straightforward - humans like health and youth because they like reproductive fitness. Generally, humans also like sexual dimorphism (men with strong jaws and large brows; women with large eyes and youthful features). None of that should be too surprising. Humans are pretty predictable in this respect, and they really aren't much different from the lowliest bug who desperately wants to mate with whichever other bug would enable it to procreate the best.

That's how it seems at first glance, anyway. Beneath the obvious stuff, a lot of other cues determine whether you like what you see when you look at someone's face, and we waste no time in making that determination. It takes about a tenth of a second for you to see a face and jump to a whole bunch of conclusions - whether the person is trustworthy or not, aggressive or not, and, obviously, whether he or she is attractive. But if you were to write down a list of the things that you assume you find attractive, and then read this list, you will probably not find much overlap. From the smell of someone's sweat to the amount of vegetables a person eats, there are tons of features we're attracted to without knowing it.

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