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Which Audrey Hepburn Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Audrey Hepburn was one of the most beloved and memorable actresses of the 20th century. The characters she brought to life covered a wide range of personalities: a sheltered princess, a New York party girl, a librarian turned fashion model, a blind woman fending off criminals, and so many other empowered, colorful female characters. With such an array of exciting roles, it's fun to wonder which classic Hepburn character you are. After all, she so wholly embodied her characters onscreen that they were both totally individual, yet universally relatable.

In case you just so happen to be the kind of person who is curious about which zodiac signs certain Old Hollywood stars were, Hepburn was a Taurus through and through. But one doesn't have to be a Taurus to be similar to one of Hepburn’s onscreen characters. In fact, Hepburn's most recognizable characters can totally be categorized into the 12 signs of the zodiac, so there's one for everyone.

  • Leo (July 23 - August 22): Regina Lambert

    Photo: Charade / Universal Pictures

    Leos are known as the kings of the jungle, as they never back down from a leadership role or the spotlight – in fact, this is where Leos thrive. They are creative, warm, and charismatic and instinctively draw others towards them. However, their love of the spotlight can also make them arrogant and self-centered. It's because of these traits that Leos are most like Charades Regina Lambert.

    Regina is pursued by a number of men who want to murder her for her late husband’s fortune, yet, even in the middle of all this, Regina finds time to aggressively pursue a relationship with Peter Joshua (Cary Grant). Regina’s relentless pursuit of Peter was due to some necessary script changes. Grant refused to sign onto the project, citing that his chasing around a much younger Hepburn seemed predatory. The screenwriter did a rewrite in which the romantic angle was flipped so that Hepburn’s character chased after Grant’s character, and finally Grant signed on. While there may be a very logical reason behind it, it doesn’t change the fact that Regina’s fiery go-get-em personality is at one with that of a Leo.

    • Photo: The Nun's Story / Warner Bros.

      Virgos really, really like to get things done right. They are hardworking, analytical, and logical. They are grounded in reality and obsessed with their career goals. While this work ethic is enviable, Virgos also tend to be shy, worried, and critical of both themselves and others. Virgos are definitely most like Hepburn’s hardest working character: The Nun’s Story’s Sister Luke, for which Hepburn received an Academy Award nomination. Raised as the daughter of a wealthy surgeon, Sister Luke joins a convent in hopes of becoming a missionary nurse. The film showcases a series of events that challenge Sister Luke in both her mission to become a sister and in her study of medicine. Sister Luke is a character with an unwavering work ethic and spades of determination, even if she (spoiler alert) decides to leave the religious calling in the end.

      • Libra (September 23 - October 22): Gabrielle Simpson

        Photo: Paris When It Sizzles / Paramount Pictures

        Libras are cooperative and diplomatic. They are generally the peacekeepers in any group of friends or family dynamic. These traits perfectly align Libras with Paris When It Sizzles’s Gabrielle Simpson. Gabrielle is an assistant hired to keep a playboy screenwriter (William Holden) on track for his deadline. When Gabrielle arrives, she’s appalled to find that not a single word of the script has been written yet, but her cooperative, gracious nature helps him pull through.

        Hepburn deserves bonus diplomatic points for this role since she was playing against Holden, who was her former real-life lover from when the two worked together on Sabrina. Holden and Hepburn’s torrid affair ended when she found out he had a vasectomy, and thus she would never be able to become a mother if she marred him, yet none of this heartbreak is apparent in their colorful onscreen performances; that's some real diplomacy.

        • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Nicole Bonnet

          Photo: How to Steal a Million / 20th Century Fox

          Scorpios are passionate perfectionists who know how to keep a secret. In fact, they may be too good at secret keeping, as they often wear stoic facades that are difficult to crack. Scorpios are also good at fending for themselves, as they are resourceful and independent by nature; with that in mind, Scorpios are most like How to Steal a Millions Nicole Bonnet. Nicole’s father has a renowned art collection, but the collection is actually all forgeries made by her father - a secret Nicole has kept all her life. During the course of the film, Nicole engages in a plot to steal back one of her father’s forgeries before anyone realizes its true origin. This is definitely in keeping with the Scorpio ethos, as they have a habit of reasoning themselves into making amoral decisions.