August: Osage County Movie Quotes

"August: Osage County" movie quotes tell the oddly funny tale of a highly dysfunctional family forced to reunite in a time of crisis. The film, produced by George Clooney and Bob and Harvey Weinstein, among others, was directed by John Wells using an ensemble cast of stars. "August: Osage County" opened in theaters on December 25, 2013.

In "August: Osage County," Beverly Weston (Sam Shepard) is fed up with dealing with his wife, Violet (Meryl Streep), whose cancer and prescription medication addiction is taking its toll, and disappears. To help find him, his family gathers at the family home in Osage County, Oklahoma. They soon learn that Beverly isn't just missing, but has taken his own life.

To make matters worse, the family does not necessarily get along too well. Daughter Barbara (Julia Roberts) never got along well with mother Violet and is separated from husband Bill (Ewan McGregor), who is along for the trip with their daughter Jean (Abigail Breslin). Other Daughter Karen (Juliette Lewis) is engaged to her flavor of the week (Dermot Mulroney) while third daughter Ivy (Julianne Nicholson) is secretly romancing cousin Little Charlie (Benedict Cumberbatch). This creates a house full of secrets, animosity and grief, which turns out to be a dangerous combination.

"August: Osage County" joins theaters for Christmas 2013 when other movies are already playing such as "The Wolf of Wall Street, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" "Her," "American Hustle," "Saving Mr. Banks," "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Inside Llewyn Davis," "Out of the Furnace," "12 Years a Slave," "Frozen," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Don Jon," "Rush, and "Prisoners".

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    Life Is Very Long

    Life Is Very Long
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    Beverly Weston: "Life is very long. --T.S. Elliot. Not the first person to say it, certainly not the first person to think it, but absolutely god damn right."

    Beverly Weston shares a line from T.E. Elliot in one of his last acts on earth. To Beverly, life is absolutely too long, especially when dealing with this ill and addicted wife, something he no longer wishes to be a part of.
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    Eat the Fish

    Eat the Fish
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    Barbara Weston: "Howdy, mom"
    Violet Weston: "What's howdy about it?"
    Barbara Weston: "Look, catfish for lunch. Johnna! Are you hungry?"
    Violet Weston: "Ivy, you should smile like me."
    Barbara Weston: [to Joanna] "Mom needs her lunch please."
    Violet Weston: "I'm not hungry."
    Barbara Weston: "You didn't eat today. You didn't eat anything yesterday."
    Violet Weston: "I'm not hungry!"
    Barbara Weston: "You're eatin'! Do what I say. Everyone, do what I say."
    Ivy Weston: "May I ask why neither of you is dressed?"
    Barbara Weston: "It's not like we're sitting here naked, right? We're dressed… or should we be dressed up?"
    Violet Weston: "Right, cause you're coming over for fish?"
    Johnna: "I'll eat in my room."
    Barbara Weston: "That's fine. Thank you."
    Violet Weston: "Yeah"
    Barbara Weston: "Eat!"
    Violet Weston: "No!"
    Barbara Weston: "Eat it, mom!"
    Violet Weston: "No!"
    Barbara Weston: "Eat it, you f***er! You eat that catfish!"
    Violet Weston: "Go to hell!"
    Barbara Weston: "That does't cut any f***ing ice with me. Eat the f***ing fish!"
    Ivy Weston: "Mama, I have something to talk to you about."
    Barbara Weston: "No, you don't!"
    Ivy Weston: "Barbara!"
    Barbara Weston: "No, you don't! Shut up! Shut the f*** up! Please!"
    Violet Weston: "What's to talk about?"
    Barbara Weston: "Mom, forget it! Eat the f***ing fish!"
    Violet Weston: "I'm not hungry!"
    Barbara Weston: Eat the fish, bitch!
    Violet Weston: "Barbara!"
    Barbara Weston: "Okay, fine, f*** it. Do what you want."
    Ivy Weston: "I have to tell you something."
    Barbara Weston: "Ivy's a lesbian!"
    Ivy Weston: "Barbara!"
    Violet Weston: "No, you're not!"
    Ivy Weston: "No, I'm not."
    Barbara Weston: "Yes, you are. Did you eat your fish?"
    Violet Weston: "Barbara, be quiet now."
    Ivy Weston: "Mom, please, this is important."
    Barbara Weston: "Eat your fish! Eat your fish! Eat your fish! Eat your fish! Eat your fish!"
    Barbara Weston: "What the f***?"
    Ivy Weston: "I have something to say."
    Barbara Weston: "Are we breaking s*** now? Huh? I can break s***. Hey, see, everybody can break some s***."
    Ivy Weston: "Charles and I…"
    Barbara Weston: "You don't want to break s*** with me motherf***er!"

    After her father's death, Barbara tries to get mother Violet to eat something, in this instance, catfish. While they curse and bark back and forth about the fish, Ivy wants to tell Violet something, something Barbara doesn't want Violet to know as it will only upset her more.
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    Marriage Is Hard

    Marriage Is Hard
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    Barbara Weston: "Marriage is hard."
    Karen Weston: "That's one thing about mom and dad. You gotta tip your hat to anybody who can stay married that long."
    Ivy Weston: "Karen, he killed himself."

    Sure, Karen, your mom and did do deserve some credit for remaining married to one another for so long but in reality, as Ivy points out, there is no fairy tale happy ending to that marriage after their father's suicide.
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    Bill and Barb

    Bill and Barb
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    Violet Weston: "Bill, where you living now?"
    Bill Fordham: "Beg your pardon?"
    Violet Weston: "You and Barb are separated, right? Or are you divorced already? Is there a younger woman involved?"
    Barbara Weston: "You've said enough on this topic."
    Bill Fordham: "Yes"
    Violet Weston: "Well see, odds are against you there, babe."
    Ivy Weston: "Mom believes women don't grow more attractive with age."
    Karen Weston: "Well I disagree."
    Violet Weston: "It's not really a matter of opinion, Karen, dear. You've only just started to prove it yourself."
    Barbara Weston: "That's pleasant."

    Violet doesn't hold back at a family dinner when she asks son-in-law Bill about his relationship with her daughter Barbara. While Barbara is not interested in airing their dirty laundry in front of everyone, Bill quickly relents and admits what's going on.