Weird Nature People Are Losing It Over This Ocean Creature That Looks Like A Dick  

Kate Jacobson
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Ahhhh, the ocean. It's full of really wonderful and terrifying sea creatures. And none is more terrifying (or titillating?) than a dick-shaped worm who floats in the deepest depths of the ocean. Wait, what?

Australian scientists discovered a new type of peanut worm that bares a striking resemblance to male genitalia. And while it's actually an amazing discovery for the scientists who spend their lives searching for new species and understanding our oceans, to the Internet, it's just been super hilarious. The dildo of the sea – who can't at least crack a smile at that?? 

The Australian peanut worm definitely penetrates the deepest depths of the ocean – and the Internet's sick sense of humor. 

This Ocean Pen... Peanut Worm Is Super Rare

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Photo: Museums Victoria/NESP Marine Biodiversity/via Inquisitr

If you can get your mind out of the gutter for two seconds, you would find that this peanut worm is actually pretty incredible. A team from Museums Victoria in Australia spent a month aboard a research vessel to discover ocean creatures living more than 13,000 feet below the ocean surface. Their main objective was to find a faceless fish – which, they actually did find – but the true treasure was the deep-sea peanut worm. There's no other like it, though there are other peanut worms in the sea.

As the International Business Times put it: "Considering its looks, another similar sounding name might have been more appropriate."

Do All Peanut Worms Look Like Peens? Yeah, Kinda

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Photo: wildsingapore/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

While there's no denying this particular brand of peanut worm appears astoundingly close to a dick, it's not alone. Not all are explicitly phallic, but they definitely resemble a penis. The sea creature is ironically asexual, and it is an invertebrate. It's usually found in reefs and got its colloquial name thanks to its resemblance to a peanut shell (sure). It's possible they didn't name it the penis worm because that moniker is already taken

The Internet Is Really Embracing The Dildo Of The Sea

A sea creature shaped like a dick that lives in the deep, deep ocean sort of writes jokes for itself. And, as usual, the Internet masses didn't disappoint. Leave it to Twitter to take a nice scientific discovery and turn it into a sexy (and yes, hilarious) meme.