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The Greatest Australian Drama Films, Ranked

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These are the best Australian dramas, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Some Australian drama movies revolve around heartfelt love stories while other good Australian drama movies tackle important social and political topics. A few of the most entertaining Australian dramas even feature future Oscar winners.

What films will you find on this best Australian dramas list? In 1993, a little known actor, Russell Crowe, showed off his impressive acting abilities as the violent leader of a racist youth gang in the film, Romper Stomper. Seven years later, Crowe became everyone's favorite underdog in the award-winning film, Gladiator. Moulin Rouge! is another great Australian drama film.

Australian actor, Heath Ledger, starred as a young man addicted to heroin in Candy. Other good movies that are featured on this top Australian dramas list include Shine, The Proposition and Rabbit-Proof Fence.

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