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Romance novelists who write similarly to Nicholas Sparks

Authors like Nicholas Sparks include a wide variety of other best-selling novelists. Sparks has published a slew of memorable books, including The Notebook and Message in a Bottle. Several of his novels have been adapted into major motion pictures, as well. Not everyone on this list writes straight-up romance, but many are among the best romance novelists ever. Who is your personal favorite? If they're on the list, vote them up. And, if you don't see a favorite author like Nicholas Sparks listed, add them.

A good Nicholas Sparks novel is often a mixed bag: Sparks's stories do frequently involve a hefty dose of tragedy, in-between the warm and fuzzy love storylines. In the end, they are typically feel-good books, and many of the authors on this list offer novels with a similar experience for the reader. The most striking authors similar to Nicholas Sparks are Richard Paul Evans, Nicholas Evans, Charles Martin, Debbie Macomber and K.C. McKinnon - but there are many more.

If you like Nicholas Sparks, one author on this list may surprise you: James Patterson. He normally writes crime novels, but Patterson has also written some fantastic, romantic stories. Nicholas Sparks fans should definitely check out Sundays at Tiffany's, Sam's Letters to Jennifer and Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas. This romance trifecta certainly earns Patterson a spot on this list.

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