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15 Authors Who Loathed the Movie Adaptations of Their Books

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A novel can run hundreds of pages and contain elaborate back stories with multiple plotlines. A traditional film runs about two hours and typically has two stories, the main plot and the primary subplot (if you want to get technical, you could call these the A plot and B plot). Given this, it’s no wonder there are so many authors who hated movies made from their books. Once a writer sells the rights to a book, she's usually purposely left out of the adaption process. Whether authors like it or not, Hollywood changes a lot. 

Some of the writers on this list believe the film adaptation of their work ruined their book. A few even cried when they saw the film version of their work. Either the movie missed the tone of the novel, destroyed the ending, or was miscast - at least in the eyes of its author.

Check out these controversial film adaptations and exactly what the author thought about the cinematic translation of their work. Do you agree? Did the movie destroy the novel? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.