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18 Authors Who Loved The Movie Adaptations Of Their Books

Movie adaptations of books are a uniquely difficult variety of filmmaking. It's almost impossible to adapt a book into a movie while staying 100% faithful to the original work, because they're two fundamentally different mediums. Inevitably story lines will change, whether that's due to the realities of translating written words into a visual story or because filmmakers think they can improve on what's already there. 

It's common for authors to hate film adaptations of their books. Stephen King famously disliked Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of The Shining, even though the film is considered a horror classic, and even though King himself admits it's a visual masterpiece. But authors don't always hate the movie versions of their books, and many love them. Usually that's because the filmmakers stayed true to what they originally wrote. But sometimes, even the author has to admit that the movie version is just better. 

Here are 18 authors who loved the movie adaptations of their books.