18 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Animation Goofs That Fans Caught In Book 1

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In any animated series, animation goofs are bound to happen. After all, there's a lot going on between the main and background characters, the action, the scenery, and the storylines. In Book 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, there are quite a few animation goofs, ranging from animation mistakes like reversing Momo's fur coloring to storyline mistakes like going back on something previously established. Despite these goofs, fans still enjoy watching Book 1, and who can blame them? It's a fun season!

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    Aang Loses A Tattoo

    It's honestly surprising Aang doesn't lose his tattoos more often throughout the series. In episode 1, "Boy in the Iceberg," Aang is spotted without his signature blue arrow tattoos on his left hand. In the scene, Katara wakes Aang up from his nightmare. When he sits up, the arrow on Aang's left hand is missing. This happens again in episode 3, "The Southern Air Temple," where Aang is spotted with no arrow on his right hand as the Gaang flies to the temple. 

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    Yue's Betrothal Necklace

    Much like Katara's necklace in earlier episodes, the animators couldn't quite keep Yue's betrothal necklace straight. In episode 19, "The Siege of the North, Part 1," Yue's necklace intermittently appears and disappears. For example, when Sokka receives his warrior marks, the necklace is around her neck. However, after Sokka has his marks and turns to look at her, the necklace is not around Yue's necklace.   

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    Who Has Katara's Necklace?

    In episode 9, "The Waterbending Scroll," Katara's necklace should be firmly in Zuko's possession, considering he stole it from her. However, when Katara says, "Aang, can we get out of here? I feel like we're getting weird looks", her mother's necklace can be seen around her neck.

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    Everything Momo Touches Disappears

    In episode 13, "The Blue Spirit," Katara, in a bout of sickness, turns to Momo for help with retrieving water. She gives him her pouch, but he never returns with it. Instead, he delivers Sokka and Katara a meadow vole and other various objects — objects that seemingly disappear once Aang returns. In addition, in later episodes, Katara has somehow retrieved her misplaced water pouch though it's never explained how. 

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    Maybe Katara Is Just Being Modest About Her Waterbending Skills

    In episode 10, "Jet," Katara goes back and forth on her waterbending skills. At first, she tells Jet that she's never tried bending water that she could not see. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed she waterbended water from Aang's lungs so he could breathe in "The Warriors of Kyoshi." In "Imprisoned," Katara also waterbended from the well. Was Katara just being modest about her skills?

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    The Winter Solstice Moon Waxes And Wanes Quickly

    Episode 7, "Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World," ends with a clear shot of a crescent moon. However, episode 8, "Winter Solstice, Part 2: Avatar Roku," begins with an equally clear shot of a full moon. The Winter Solstice takes place on the same night, so the moon should have been the same shape in both episodes.