18 Times 'Avatar' Fans Noticed Some Interesting Details About Katara And Aang

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Aang and Katara are arguably the heart and soul of the show, and regardless of the different ships from the fandom out there, the canon story is, undeniably, pretty heartwarming as it is. Whether you're a fan of Kataang or not, here are just some of the most interesting deets about the power couple the fandom has noticed over the years.

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    Aang First, The Avatar Second

    Aang First, The Avatar Second
    Photo: 112aang / Tumblr
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    Height Does Matter

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    Katara's TLC

    Katara's TLC
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user 112aang:

    One of the arguments that anti-kataang shippers often use is, “Katara was more of a mom or a sister to Aang.” I cannot express enough how much this argument bothers me.

    Let’s break this down:

    First off, Katara was the mother figure of the entire group, not just to Aang, because that’s who she is. She is the ‘mom’ friend, because that’s who she was trained to be. After her mom’s passing, she had no choice but to be the mother figure of her family. She took care of her tribe, Sokka, and even Gran Gran. So, it was just her nature to take care of the Gaang. Being the ‘mom’ of my own friend groups, I can attest to this. Katara is motherly, that statement is true. But to use that as a reason against Kataang makes it seem as though Katara needs to be a non-caring, selfish person to be with Aang. Taking away her motherly nature would be like taking away Sokka’s sarcasm; it would completely destroy her character.

    Now, the sister argument. We see how Katara acts with her actual brother in the show, and it is nowhere near the way she acts around Aang. With Sokka, she pushes away pretty much all physical or affectionate contact. In ‘The Guru,’ she pushes him away when he kisses her cheek after she volunteers to stay with the Earth King. She also hardly ever hugs him, and when she does, it doesn’t last very long. With Aang, she initiates most, if not all of the physical contact. Not to mention the numerous cheek kisses, to which she never does to Sokka.

    Now, let’s go back to the mother argument, shall we?

    As an adult female who has been in a serious relationship, I can say that for me at least, being a mother figure was in my nature. That is just how some show their affection, and it’s not the same as being an actual mom.

    Here are a few motherly things I would do for my ex boyfriend when we were together, that were very motherly:

    “How was your day? Did you eat lunch?”

    “Please, be safe.”

    “Are you feeling alright? Maybe you should lie down and rest; I’ll get you some medicine and soup.”

    Do you get the gist?

    Acting motherly is not a reason for Kataang not working; it is a reason that it can and does work. Had Katara not been motherly, their dynamic would be totally different. And honestly, she mothers him less than she does to the others (i.e. Toph and Sokka). I’m not saying that she never did it to Aang, but in comparison to the others, she didn’t do it the same.

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    Foreshadowing At Its Best

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    The Kataango

    The Kataango
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user 112aang:

    Katara shows her feelings for Aang in “the puppetmaster,” and this episode also has some heavy kataang moments.

    Now, many people probably don’t see anything in this episode that shows katara showing feelings for aang. Or that it doesn’t even hold kataang moments at all- but, it does.

    At the very beginning when they are telling stories around the campfire, they’re all pretty scared after katara’s story. But what I want to talk about from this scene, is when toph hears the people under the mountain. Aang, katara, and sokka hug each other because they are scared. After sokka let’s go, aang continues to hold onto katara, and I see it as him being scared himself, but also trying to protect her. She leans into him for safety, to show that she trusts him.

    Now, let’s skip a little bit towards the end of the episode. Katara’s fight against hama is so legendary, and very amazing. You might be asking yourself, “but, where in this entire sequence does katara show her feelings for aang?” Well, i’ll tell you. When aang and sokka try to join in on the fight against hama, she bloodbends them in order to use them against katara. As she dodges each of them, katara freezes aang to a tree, saying “im sorry, aang.” Aang then proceeds to say, “it’s okay.” He’s literally frozen to a tree, and just doesn’t care. Anyway, back to katara showing her feelings… After this moment, when hama sends sokka and aang flying towards one another, she intends for sokka to kill aang. She doesn’t know (we can assume) that aang is the avatar, much less even has bending. So she is inevitably sentencing aang to death by sokka’s sword. This leads me to my point: when katara chooses to bloodbend as the only option, she does it to save aang. Not sokka- aang. There is no way in this scenario, that aang could hurt sokka. Therefore, she is saving aang. She openly shows her feelings for aang as she screams “no” and bloodbends hama. She doesn’t want to see the boy she loves, her best friend, be killed right in front of her, and she can’t stand losing him.

    Now, to my next point: we end the episode with kataang comfort. Notice in the outward scene, as katara falls to her knees crying, it is aang who consoles her. Sokka is there, but he’s a bit off to the side. It is aang who sits by her side and hugs her as she breaks down. This is something that is so beautiful about kataang- the constant comfort they provide for each other. I could go on and on analyzing these many, many scenes in which this occurs, but let’s save that for another post.

    In conclusion, kataang can be found in every single episode, whether it be obvious, like the “kataango” in the cave, or the subtle moments like the ones I described. They truly are amazing.

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    Compassion Over Aggression

    Compassion Over Aggression
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor Badatti:

    Aang is the higher good, the guy who doesn't compromise on his principles even in the face of death, and his guiding principles seem to be compasion and forgiveness. Zuko is baser instincts, the guy who operates on emotion and impulse in the moment, who prizes strength and honor. Granted Zuko does redeem himself in the end, he never seems to fully come around to the forgiveness and compassion ethic.

    Katara going with Aang over Zuko is the same as her being unabke to kill man who killed her mother, it's her compassion superceding her aggression. Higher self > instincts. It's actually pretty similar to Zuko siding with Iroh over Ozai.

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