12 Small But Poignant 'Avatar' Details About Toph And Katara's Relationship

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Katara and Toph's relationship has a tendency to fall by the wayside thanks to all the heavy-hitters in the ATLA universe, but these two characters have never been more perfect for each other in a loving and sometimes-frustrating way. Just like all IRL sisters, Katara and Toph have their good days and their bad days, and these are just some of the things fans of the franchise are pointing out about this lovable duo.

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    Proof Of Katara's Good Heart

    Proof Of Katara's Good Heart
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    From Redditor Plant_Parlour:

    People might have other people that love them for who they are and the way they are. To hear someone say you’re really pretty and truly mean it, is another bliss of a compliment.

    Katara also mentions all the other factors she admires about her personality too. I also am saying Katara wanted Toph to specifically know she finds her pretty.

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    They Should Have Their Own Show

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    True Character Growth

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    The Perfect Love-Hate Relationship

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    Real Sisters

    Real Sisters
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    Just Pure Wholesomeness

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