16 Random 'Avatar' Memes We Saw This Month That Were Actually Pretty Good

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From the useless functional addition to Toph's earth suit to sussing out the relationship between Sokka and Suki, here are some of the funniest memes we've seen about the Avatar universe this month. Enjoy!

  • 1. Definitely Going To Hell

    Definitely Going To Hell
    Photo: u/Pastykake / Reddit
    303 votes
  • 2. They're In Trouble

    They're In Trouble
    Photo: u/totallynotkairan / Reddit
    288 votes
  • 3. I Needed This

    I Needed This
    Photo: u/Help_I_Shrecked / Reddit
    399 votes
  • 4. Me IRL

    Me IRL
    Photo: u/KingOfCranes / Reddit
    206 votes
  • 5. Facts

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    290 votes
  • 6. Mai Would Destroy Koh

    Mai Would Destroy Koh
    Photo: u/curseofablacklion / Reddit
    261 votes